Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Volkstuin 1 April

I got the garden to the left of mine (pictured above). I just have to wait for it to be cultivated and then I can have it. Planned for that side are potatoes, leeks, and parsnips.

The pea plants are climbing their netting. The carrots are coming up, as are the onions and garlic.

At home I transplanted 6 each of Gem Squash (Rolet) and Butternut F1 to their own little containers. These were sown on 11 March and finally germinated late last week.

I've also transplanted the cherry tomatoes that were sown on 3 March and 11 March into their own pots. The whole living room windowsill is full of little plant pots. I hope no-one thinks I have a hash plantation!

Outside I have lettuce ready to go directly into the beds, and peas germinating slowly.

Last week Wednesday, the 28th, I planted more carrots, peas, and lettuce directly in the beds. In the bed next to them I planted alternate rows of spinach and garlic.

One of the raspberry plants I bought appears to be dead. I've trimmed down the stem and will wait a bit to see if anything comes up from the bottom. Hopefully it will.

The blackberries are sprouting furiously. The plum tree is in blossom and the herbs under the plum tree have been joined by a bay plant, two more rosemarys and a lavender bush.

The rosemary bushes that I took from home to be planted at the garden are looking a bit sad - one lost all it's needles and I've cut it down to see if it will resprout. The other seems ok, but it's yellowing. No idea what is wrong with them as they've been standing around here on the balcony for three years. Maybe it was too much of a shock for them to be transplanted..

The rhubarb is growing rapidly and the strawberries are sprouting. The last week we've had very warm dry weather so I have had to visit every day to water the garden.

Alas, there are only a very few of the bean plants still standing. I think the wind and the doves between them put an end to the beans. Never mind, I can always plant some more.

Yesterday while I was there I made a compost heap with chicken wire and bamboo. It looks pretty good for something made by someone with absolutely no idea! Photo coming soon.


vertine said...

actually, I think you are allowed to have up to 5 hash-plants here in holland in the garden...but I don't think if your neighbours would appreciate it :)

Ashleigh said...

LOL! Maybe I can take up a new hobby :)

Lien said...

Just been on this blog for the first time, and I should have looked earlier. You are so clever with this gardening-thing! And it's looking good. It's all growing very fast! Aren't you afraid that a severe 'nachtvorst' ruines things? Or can you cover things up quickly?