Saturday, April 7, 2007

Cauliflowers, Leeks and Lettuces

Yesterday I bought some cauliflower, leek and lettuce plants from the garden centre.

Mine are not far along enough yet to plant out. The other half of our garden (the new part) has been cultivated. The cauliflowers went in there, the leeks are going alongside them in a separate bed.

The Husband did a lot of work today lifting paving stones and we've laid them out like stepping stones. I plan to plant low growing plants like felicia and verbena between the stones through perforated film.

He also made the sitting area at the back of the garden a bit bigger - perfect for summer barbecues!

The new half garden will be home to parsnips, leeks, carrots, cauliflower, pumpkins and potatoes.

The back of the garden houses an apple tree, another aalbes and a new plant, a Josta bes which our voorzitter gave me. The front of the new garden has blackberry, aalbessen and a rose bush.

Yesterday I planted marigolds (tagetes), alyssum, and tricolour daisies in trays. Hopefully they'll germinate quickly and give us lots of little plants to put amongst the vegetables.

In the garden itself the onions and garlic are almost all up. The spinach seems to have germinated, but I'm not sure - I have to wait for them to grow a bit before I can be certain. This is why I like growing things in trays indoors - then I know exactly what comes up!

There are baby lettuces coming up. It seems like every seed I sowed germinated! I'll thin them and plant the thinnings into trays to plant elsewhere when they're a bit bigger.

Still no carrots, or anything identifiable as a carrot. Patience is a virtue, I believe.

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