Saturday, March 10, 2007

Ponies at the Volkstuin

Volkstuin and Ponies

Today we were at the volkstuin.

Big big news! The ponies were in the meadow!

As you can imagine, the kids were overjoyed, but disappointed that the ponies came to me when I clicked my tongue to call them, but wouldn't come for them. The ponies (and the kids) have spring fever, galloping around the paddock full of youth and springiness. I think the ponies were after sowing some wild oats ...

The Husband did lots of handiwork. Amazing what a few minutes of ...errr...showering together... can achieve. Here he is surveying his handiwork.

Volkstuin and Ponies

Here's a photo of my tiny pea plants! Varieties Kelvedon Wonder and First Early May. I am so excited.

Volkstuin and Ponies

I am even more excited about the slight green spot I spied in the tomato tray. I yelped with glee and The Husband came running. He thought I had injured myself.

Happens so rarely you see... yelps of glee and all that... ahem.

Maybe this spring weather has gotten to me too?

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