Friday, March 9, 2007

On growing seeds indoors

Plus point: the peas are coming up. Can't say the same for the sweet peas which appear to be mouldy. The basil and tomatoes are showing no signs of anything. I got a propagator and I've planted sweet peppers and beans. The propagator is much nicer than my poor little egg cartons. I realised that planting peas in egg cartons is not a good idea. The seeds push themselves to the surface requiring replanting.

Minus point: the frikking cat wants to fiddle in the egg boxes all the time. Yesterday she was so anxious to get into them that she leapt on the computer desk, knocked over Seb's money bank (Blue Box from Postbank for the Dutch readers) which is full of coins. It fell down the back of the computer, disconnected the power supply, gave her such a fright she launched herself into the air and used me as a springboard to escape. Cue one blood streaked arm and one cat in disgrace.

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