Thursday, April 26, 2007

34 days and counting ...

Without rain, that is! I can't believe it. The newspaper headlines today were full of how it's not quite a drought. In a place where it usually rains every day I think this qualifies as a drought!

I'm especially concerned because I'm on vacation this week. I've asked some of the other gardeners to look after my plot and water my plants, but there's always the fear of returning to find everything dead and dying.

Yesterday I planted out loads of squash plants, more sweet pea seedlings and transplanted lettuces. Cross fingers they are still alive when I return.

Oh, and the pea plants and strawberry plants are flowering!!


..Vertine? said...

Yes, this drought is very annoying. Wish I lived nearby, so I could help you. Been spraying every 2-3 days myself. Makes me fear the summer...... Have a great holiday!

Patrick said...

It's very dry now. Even the heavy clay is drying out! I hope the rain comes soon... Have a nice trip!

Cottage Smallholder said...

Still no rain in England. The drip feed watering is working well in the kitchen garden and I am now planning to extend this to the herbaceous borders as watering them is taking up so much time. Usually these just need to be watered in mid summer.

Hope you had a great holiday. The photos on your other blog are great.