Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sunday the 25th

Year of Colour - Lemon Yellow

More tulips from 2006

Today we were at the garden. We planted 100 onions (Sturon), one head of garlic (Prinator), 100 shallots (Red Sun), 18 dwarf beans, (Borlotto and Contender), and one rhubarb plant.

Yesterday we planted 12 each of Kelvedon and First Early May peas, and 12 strawberry plants.

The carrots that I planted two weeks ago have done absolutely nothing, even under thermal fleece, so I'm going to buy more seed and try again.

The blackberries are budding, the plum tree is blossoming, and I found out we have an extra bit to our garden containing black and redcurrant bushes.

Tomorrow I will continue digging, plant some flowers and cover the beds with mulch. 16C forecast for tomorrow! Spring is here!

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